Session the Second (Following Session the First)

The first ACTUAL play session

In the first ACTUAL (non-tutorial) session, the gang were clued-in on the principle problem and style of the campaign: “The GM said Fiat Shenanigans, and there were shenanigans.” Shenanigans thus occurred.

The party woke in individual cells, their jailer was smote by divine lightning, they found themselves missing a week of memory, and adventuring they went.

They are now on a quest to find someone’s missing sister (who apparently has been missing for TWICE as long as the Town Guard says she has), and as an aside are looking for someone ELSE who just up and left town for seemingly no reason.

The party consists of Anendel, a Wizard, his pet Compsognathus Carach, a Monk named Damien, a Fighter by the name of Rheon, a Ranger named Frank, his pet Cheetah Sooba, and a True Netural Cleric of Gorum named Joshua.

No combat has occurred yet. The game at its finest, right?



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