Session the Third
An Epic Tale of Unexpected Badassery

The party is walking through the woods when they hear some odd noises. Zombies and Skeletons are walking around.

So they kill all the undead. Or rather, Frank shoots two skeletons and Anendel fireballs the rest.

Wait, why are there undead outside at noon? Detect magic reveals what’s probably a Lich (GM casually confirms).

Frank gets an idea: why don’t we ambush the Lich and his small army of minions? Sounds good to the party. Frank Sends Sooba to aggro the Lich. Cleric Silent Spells a buff on all party members that allows their poisons to harm undead for 10 rounds.

Now, it would probably be a good idea to clue those of you who aren’t in the game in on something: Sooba can fly. Air Walk is a combat trick, for some inane reason. And guess who took it.

A flying cheetah smacks the Lich in the face and runs away. Lich, of course, is aggro’d.


Surprise round. Initiative order is Carach (WTF), Anendel, Frank, Sooba, Rheon, Damien, and Joshua.

Anendel fireballs the minions with an extremely well-aimed Maximized Fireball, and they all die. Frank shoots, and Sooba slashes. Rheon (in armor) moves 5’ more than his 20’ speed to stand next to the Lich, draws sword and board, and prepares to take some hits. Damien smacks the Lich from behind. Joshua casts a buff spell on Rheon in preparation for the hits he’ll be taking.

DM looks at Lich’s HP. 19. 94 damage in one round, and the Lich goes after Rheon.

The Lich is going to die before it takes a turn in combat.

DM looks at the Lich’s HP again. “Guys,” he says, “This Lich will die before the end of Anendel’s turn. If it dies before his turn, I’ll give you all 10,000 XP.”

Carach the Compsognathus attempts to gnaw on the Lich’s leg.

Natural. Goddamn. Twenty.

Maxes the damage roll, too.

Lich has 5 health.

Compsognathus bites are poisonous.

GM asks what the damage is, Anendel responds “1d2+4.”

GM sighs and places the ‘dead’ X on the Lich’s model.

The party leveled up from the 10,000 XP the GM reluctantly gives them.

The Compsognathus was awarded a Hero Point for that insanity (the Cleric had cast the spell in preparation for a poison spell he’d wanted to use on the Lich second round).

Rheon has yet to make a single attack roll.

Session the Second (Following Session the First)
The first ACTUAL play session

In the first ACTUAL (non-tutorial) session, the gang were clued-in on the principle problem and style of the campaign: “The GM said Fiat Shenanigans, and there were shenanigans.” Shenanigans thus occurred.

The party woke in individual cells, their jailer was smote by divine lightning, they found themselves missing a week of memory, and adventuring they went.

They are now on a quest to find someone’s missing sister (who apparently has been missing for TWICE as long as the Town Guard says she has), and as an aside are looking for someone ELSE who just up and left town for seemingly no reason.

The party consists of Anendel, a Wizard, his pet Compsognathus Carach, a Monk named Damien, a Fighter by the name of Rheon, a Ranger named Frank, his pet Cheetah Sooba, and a True Netural Cleric of Gorum named Joshua.

No combat has occurred yet. The game at its finest, right?


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